The State of Oregon designated Redfish Rocks as a fully protected marine reserve, closed to fishing on January 1st of 2012.  This interactive map shows the marine reserve boundaries, the locations of acoustic receivers, and the location where each tagged fish was released. Click on the point for each fish to see more information about that fish. Some of these include a video clip of the fish being released from the recovery cage after being tagged. Others include an animation of a portion of that fish’s movements. This research was designed to reveal the movement behaviors of six commercially and recreationally valuable fish species which live there.  The results are providing baseline information about fish behavior in this area, and will help us to understand how the closure affects local fish populations in the future.  Studying the movement patterns of fish in relationship to reserve boundaries will help us determine how much protection is being provided to different species that have different patterns and ranges of movement.  Further study of movement patterns of fish in relationship to different habitats is helping us understand differences in species - habitat associations.

Fishtracker Project